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Fashion Shows

SC Conferences & AV have long believed that any fashion show should be just that, a show about the fashion, and that the AV is there to enhance it, not overpower it. For this reason, we can work with you to create a truly stunning room of uplighting, moving heads and subtle spot lights to ensure the fashion is the focus.

We, of course, back this up with an industry leading sound system that is tailored to the size of your venue, to ensure crystal clear audio throughout the room, with as many microphones as required.

Extras To Make Your Show Sparkle

To further enhance your show, we can also provide additional services such as audio mixes, pre-produced ahead of the show to ensure timings are delivered accurately and models have time to rehearse. You simply provide us with a list of tracks, and we blend them together seamlessly ensuring a truly world class production.

Our Clients

A small selection of the numerous clients we’ve been proud to work with over the year